Friday, April 10, 2015

No love means a broken heart

There should be a story told about this. I'm missing the earlier pictures to tell this story. 
Brynnlei loves to paint.  a few weekends ago, they decided to give her some cement-paint and let her go to town on the concrete.  Whatever entertains a kid, right??!! 

BUSTED!!  Austynn was spray-painting ove Coleton's Clubhouse. she wrote "A not C". as in tagging it. "Austynn not Coleton".  Coleton was so mad!! When I went to pick him up from soccer right after this, he went off on how all he does is love his sister, but she continues to just hate him and show no love back. She's not doing the christian thing so she doesn't need to go to christian school. he just went off on what a horrible person she is.  All because she attacked his clubhouse.  on the inside (I have no pictures) she also wrote "Mommy loves Bubba Austynn and B" then she crossed out Bubba and B.  she is clever. And this broke Coleton's heart.  So for the weekend assignment, She had to cover over it.  He didn't seem to mind that it was painted pink.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Breakfast Tacos

I love cooking breakfast. I only do it on the weekends when I'm not rushed, but it's what I enjoy waking up and doing. 

This week (and most weeks) we had breakfast tacos. O. Em. Gee. They are so delicious. I tried mimicking the best local taco truck in town, but it never came out as good. So then I added and tweaked and made my own. 

I use:
1/2 lb breakfast sausage 
Quite a lot of bacon4-5 eggs
Cheddar cheese

Start cooking the bacon. When you are 1/2 way, add the sausage. Drain. Mix the eggs in the with sausage and bacon. Turn off heat and add cheese to top. Then make your tortillas. 


Friday, March 13, 2015

Parallel visions

When 16-year old Kate has an asthma attack, she has visions of the future. No one seems to believe her until she imagines a random girl committing suicide. She recognized a picture the girl has. It is of the boy she has a crush on. He believes her because he doesn't want to risk not believing her. Kate ends up saving Inez life that day. She also has visions of her sister's husband killing her. Her family doesn't believe her, until Mason tries to kill Kate. Is it too late?? Can Kate save her sister's life?  

I shall rate this A 4 out of 5. It definitely couture my attention And I was able to read through it fast. 

i am eager to see what happens in the next book 

The Noon God

What's a perk of being stuck in a long (8 hour) car ride for two solid days?? Getting to read some books!! 

The Noon God is about a woman who loses her mother, and remembers all those she has loved and lost in the past; while helping her sister and uncle cope with the recent death.  

Mona's father, J. Caesar Fortune, a well-known author, disappeared on Monday. But the end of the week, his body was found with a bullet to his head. As Mona relives the past of her mom, who overdosed, her sister, who jumped out of a window and overdosed, and her other sister who eats entirely too much for comfort food, we learn why Mona may appear to have anger problems. What is in the little black bag she found last week at the school where she works?  Who really shot her father?  Did Mona feel bitterness to the father that favored her over all others because he helped ruin her marriage? 


This is a super quick read, but seems a little mediocre the way the writing is.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

If I stay

Mia, a 17- year old musician, and her family head out one morning for a family outing. In the next moment, Mia is having an out-of-body experience as she sees her family car flipped over, her dad missing pieces of him on the road, both her parents dead. We read from Mia's point of view as she lays in a coma in the hospital, her family dead. She walks around invisible listening to her extended family cry and whisper about her. Her rock-star boyfriend, Adam and her best friend, Kim finally working together instead of against each other just so they can visit her in the ICU.
Those that care and love Mia are there telling her she needs to stay. Her family may no longer be there, but she should fight for her own life. Adam offers her the choice of staying and he will leave forever if she chooses, because he may remind her of everything in the past she no longer has. He says he'd rather her live and him never see her again than him lose her forever.

 This is a great quick read. I finished it in a few short days while on vacation. I cried several times throughout the book as it mentions moments that no one wants to imagine happening to them.  Great book!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Honeymoon to the Bahamas - without the honey

I realized I never posted about my honeymoon. I decided to take a non-traditional honeymoon, and invited my mom and sis-in-law.  I went without the husband.  :P

The trip was in September 2014. 

We had already separated when I got a new job, so I had 2 weeks between job 1 and job 2. What better thing to do during time off than take a vacation?!  I used our honeymoon money and my mom and sis-in-law both wanted to go with. it was a spur of the moment trip, we only had less than  week to actually plan it.  Which was fine, we didn't want to do anything more than lay around anyway.

We went to Freeport, Bahamas.

We parasailed, snorkled, had lots of drinks, gambled at a casino, and relaxed. there was no drama and it was such a great trip with my favorite people. 

The hotel made a drink called "Memories" (which is the name of the hotel) and it was the best dang drink I've ever had! I drank it all week and my 11 AM one day, I was already feeling pretty good. It was great to have no place to be for a week and not a care in the world. It was definitely a trip we needed and we said we would plan a girls trip like that once a  year from now on.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s day means different things to different people. To some, it’s a day to cook for your loved ones, to go out and celebrate being together. To some, it’s a sad day of mourning a loved one, and to others, it’s just another normal day.  
I’ve never been big on the day, but enjoy getting the one I love something small, just to say ‘hey, I appreciate having you around’.  We all need that reminder throughout the year. I really wish there were more days similar during the year, only with less hallmark expectations.  My Valentine’s day this year is one I’ve never experienced before. 
My boyfriend’s dad passed away just over a month ago. He donated his body to science, so there was no funeral.  One if my boyfriend’s siblings lives in another state, and since there was no funeral, the decided to have a family get-together/memorial at the next best time the out-of-state brother can come to town, which just happened to fall on Valentine’s day.  I haven’t had to deal with someone my age lose a parent before.  It’s really hard.  We all gathered for the day at a sister’s house and a few friends of my boyfriend’s also came to show support. We sat around visiting, laughing, eating more food than I can imagine, and reminiscing. Overall, it was a pretty great day, considering.  We hit a couple bumpy spots during all of it, but it was still good.
Since our Valentine’s day was planned with that, Pete decided to treat me to an early VDay.  He bought me a one-hour massage, and even made the reservations. I get home from work one day last week, and he says “hurry up. Let’s go. I have a surprise for you.”  Best place EVER to get a massage.  He also had ½ dozen roses delivered to me at work, and got an extra rose for me when I came home.  I cooked my awesome pork chops for dinner and it was great.  Happy 2015 Valentine’s Day.

Here's a pic of me and Pete and his wonderful friends who a) drove 3 hours to be with him for this and 2) ended up skipping his quad rugby game for Pete. Amazing friends that will do that. (nevermind the random dude who looks like he' staring at my boobs... Probably because the look entirely lopsided in this picture. haha )